Salvador is the easy-to-use Payroll and Human Resource Management solution, specifically designed for Mozambique. Affordable for companies of all sizes and tried-and-tested since 2017 by companies ranging from three to 2000+ employees.

Recent reviews:

“Salvador – it’s the best thing that’s happened for our companies, it’s a HR and salary package in one specifically tailored to Mozambique law. Upon numerous yearly inspections from the Labour Department, they themselves have been impressed with this and don’t bother us much anymore because everything is so well documented and all at a click of a button.”
Chimoio (150+ employees)

“Salvador Wage program has made our lives easier in so many ways. Being directly connected to Sissmo for INSS cuts out the middle man and makes for less human error, insuring that payments are 100% accurate. The versatility in many of Salvador’s programming ability makes for quicker work, the list is endless, but to name a few – printing mass contracts for harvest season, bulk adding dues, setting bonuses and so much more. We are excited to start working with Salvador and their new feature of being connected to MITESS for our Relaçao Nominal. The great thing about Salvador is that they grow and change with our needs, which no other Wage program offers.”
Catandica (100+ employees)

“Fastest wages done today. Was done in 30 minutes. Was a breeze Thank you”
Vilankulo (200+ employees)