Easy capture of employee and contract details, including personal details, INSS number, BI/passport/DIRE number, number of dependants, full/part time. Unlimited number of contracts.

Employee Information

Easy access to employee information and full history of salaries and leave over time


Easy month-end payroll review and capture of changes by team or location.

SISSMO Integration

At the click of a button your INSS declaration is pre-filled with your month-end data from Salvador. No more manual data entry into SISSMO, all you need to do is submit the pre-filled declaration and print your Guia de pagamento


Time Sheet

Calendar timesheet function, with flexible monthly cut-off date / window

Min Wage

Automatic inclusion of government set minimum wage for your sector


Unlimited number of users


Unlimited number of work locations


Access your data from your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or computer, anytime anywhere.


Salvador automates just about everything that can be automated. You just need to fill out what has changed. Everything else is processed and calculated automatically. This includes contract start/end checks, absence and overtime calculations, IRPS and INSS contributions, net salaries and repayments of advances and loans.


Knowledge is power. Salvador provides easy access to all of your information about work force, attendance/leave and labour costs per team/location.


Mozambican law, rules and regulations can be notoriously complex and ambiguous. We have done our homework and reached out to the different Government departments involved in Payroll and Human Resource Management. We are proud to offer Salvador as a truly Mozambican solution.

Loans and advances

Many employers offer their employees occasional advances or loans. With Salvador it is easy to keep track of payment dates and amounts for loans and repayments. A running total is auto-calculated at the end of each payroll period.


As a Cloud-service Salvador data is always backed up and cannot be lost if anything happens to your device. You can download your data for use outside of Salvador.


Unlimited number of benefits, bonuses, allowances, once-off or recurring, nominal or proportional


Unlimited number of attendance types, including Annual leave, Sick leave, Maternity leave, Military service, Wedding, Deceased family member, Non-justified absence, etc.


Public holidays automatically highlighted in calendars and timesheets


Unlimited number of net deductions/additions, including advances and their repayments, INSS subsidies, etc.


Salvador offers easy-to-print payslips from the click of a button. Ready-to-print monthly payroll overviews can be downloaded with all the relevant data for employees to sign.


Closing and re-opening of previous payroll months


Automatic highlighting of payroll records of interest, e.g. contracts starting or ending in the course of the payment month, payroll records with once-off changes for the current month only, etc.

Cash payments

Many employees receive their wages in cash. Salvador provides automated rounding-up functions and easy breakdowns of cash denominations required for cash salaries. This helps to resolve 'change' problems and shortfall of small denominations. The amount that is rounded up, automatically carries forward to the next month, or it can be waived in favour of the employee.

Local support

We pride ourselves on excellent software support and Salvador comes with local support from Manica. Working with other companies in the region, we provide sound advice on software implementation, legal compliance and best practices.

Online support

Our online Support Portal offers 24/7 access to tutorials, answers to frequently asked questions and other useful information. The portal also helps track and trace support requests that you may have raised including the related correspondence with our support team.


Cost is an important factor in any decision-making. Salvador licenses are available from as little as Mt 2000 per company per month. Your Return on Investment is a guaranteed. Straight from the start Salvador helps you save administrative time on Payroll and Human Resource Management. Salvador eliminates copy-paste mistakes leading to accidental salary over-calculations and it prevents worker loans, advances and contract expiries from being 'forgotten' about. Days faulted and annual leave are updated automatically based on click-button time sheet entries.